Drumler's Bar

Fair gehandelter Bio-Kaffee.
Kreative Aperitifs.

This is Franzi's place. She not only makes what is perhaps the most beautiful cappuccino in the Valley, but also delicious, creative aperitifs. With homemade syrups, herbs from the field around the corner and only the best spirits from small producers. Sometimes accompanied by cake or a slice of pizza from the stone oven. Or a slice of bacon. Or shake bread. Or cheese. Just come to our bar for an aperitif or a nightcap. For an espresso or cappuccino. Just as you like. Franzi is looking forward to it. Cheers.

Daily: 15.00 - 22.00 hrs

Good to know

We don't serve Coca-Cola at our bar, but the cola and herb drink instead. No Aperol, but tasty vermouths instead. No "sugar soft drink bombs", instead homemade juices. No crisps, but home-baked potato crisps instead. No peanuts, but shake bread instead. No sweets, but a small piece of cake with your coffee. You'll see...you'll want for nothing.