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Welcome to the Drumlerhof in Campo Tures, Valle Aurina, South Tyrol.

We Innerhofer-Fausters have always believed in living our lives following the principles of the Economy for the Common Good. So it’s hardly surprising that we – Stefan, Ruth, Emma and Franzi – have always managed the Drumlerhof this way. Sustainability has never been a passing trend here: it’s a core value which helps us reimagine hospitality. It’s no small task, but we think we’re doing rather well. Of course, actions speak louder than words, and this couldn’t be truer than in hospitality: so why not swing by and take a look yourselves.

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We like to keep things within the family, which is why Emma and Franzi have been running things since June 2023. Expect a breath of fresh air and sustainable design at the Drumlerhof.

Emma & Franzi
go all out

New façade. New interior. New bar.

If you notice something different, then that’s because it is: a new façade, a new bar, and new interiors. Don’t worry – these changes weren’t made to satisfy the ever-growing demands of ‘fast food’ tourism, so you’ll continue to find the hotel’s usual 37 rooms. We’ve worked on quality, not quantity, which is why we’ve improved and changed the façade, the dining halls (except for the historical Stube) and the bar area during summer 2023.

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Welcome to
       Val Aurina!

Welcome to Val Aurina – a unique and genuine location.

The South Tyrolean Val Aurina isn’t a mass tourism mecca. And we’re quite happy about that. So what makes this valley stand out from all the others? We believe it’s the 80 Three-thousanders reaching into the sky – together with the locals who have made this place their home. Genuine and unique.

The Valle Aurina


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