Common Good

The challenge 

We don’t focus our actions purely on profitability. We believe that certain new economic principles, based not upon intensive exploitation but upon balance between nature, man and animals, are fundamental. For this reason, our financial statements are prepared based on Economy of the Common Good principles and undergo an annual review process. For us, sustainability is not just a convenient catchword, but rather the will to change something in a concrete way. Together, we can achieve this goal.

"In the Economy for the Common Good, the success of a company is not only measured by profit, but also by indicators that show the company's contribution to the common good: for example, ecological sustainability, co-determination, gender democracy, distributive justice."

Günther Reifer, Terra Institute.

In the kitchen

How we implement sustainability: no buffets, animal welfare, fruit and vegetables from organic farms, fair trade products.

The Kitchen

The family 

We have been running the Drumlerhof for generations. Treating people with respect has always been close to our hearts.

Roots & Future