The Secret Valley

The Drumlerhof Hotel is situated at the entrance of the Valle Aurina (Ahrntal in German), a valley just waiting to be explored, far from the clamour and noise found in the touristy spots. Here, you’ll find more than eighty peaks that soar to heights above three thousand metres. You’ll avoid those long lines of cars that destroy the Alpine experience. Bikes, too, are less obtrusive here. If you want to get closer to Mother Nature, communing with her far removed from all that exasperating consumption and the mass tourism that invades South Tyrol’s picture-postcard destinations… well, you are warmly welcome here at our place. The Aurina Valley’s spectacular mountains and beautiful waterfalls make it perfect for anyone seeking peace and tranquillity. International newspapers and magazines define the valley as the ideal place for outdoor tourism. And yes, the Drumlerhof team can confirm this.

A valley waiting to be explored

Discover just how enchanting the imposing, silent mountains of the Aurina Valley are. All you have to do is follow Stefan, who will accompany you to hidden spots and help you understand why exploring deep in the woods is one of life’s most pleasant experiences.
Hikes in the Aurina Valley

Especially for the Adventurous

If you want to join us on one of the trips that Stefan organises, we’re sure you’ll experience pure bliss: In addition to discovering little hidden spots far off the beaten track, you’ll hear intriguing stories, warm yourself by the bonfire and enjoy a delicious mountain snack.
Is your backpack ready yet?
“Sand in Taufers is located at the foot of an Alpine amphitheatre with more than eighty 3000- metre-high peaks. A stream flows near the village, forming waterfalls that supply electricity to the inhabitants. Here, the throwaway society seems to have all but disappeared…”