Drumlerhof: an ideal hotel for hikers

Good news for anyone who loves soaring peaks, fantastic views, the remaining mountain refuges and nature: The Aurina Valley is truly a paradise for hikers of any skill level. And the Drumlerhof Hotel is an ideal starting point for exploring this enchanting world. So, come on! Pull on your hiking boots, put your backpack on and take a deep breath. The mountain is waiting.

A new destination every day

The Aurina Valley is the ideal place for those who love to spend time in the great outdoors. And Stefan knows exactly where to take guests. But even those who strike out on their own will be amazed by the endless opportunities that the valley offers: The Arthur Hartdegen High Trail is unforgettable, as is a mystical excursion to Kalbachmoos. Other great options include the Prettauer Almwanderung hike from Acereto to Riva di Tures, the Giogo Lungo refuge and the Pursteinwand via ferrata. There’s so much to discover in the Aurina Valley that you’ll already be planning your next trip the moment your holiday is over.

Winter in the Aurina Valley

The Aurina Valley is practically guaranteed to have snow, and not only in winter. That's why we always have snowshoes ready here at the Drumlerhof. We like forging our own trail through the snow, discovering new pathways. Here, you can really still call nature by its name.