Gluten-free holiday!

Enjoy gluten-free: during a holiday at Drumlerhof a foregone conclusion!

For people suffering from celiac disease it is not easy to find a hotel, which fully understands and caters for their needs. At Drumlerhof you can look forward to a relaxed gluten-free holiday. For us, holidays for celiac patients means exactly the same thing as for everyone else: simply relaxing and do, but especially eat, what you want!

Comprehensive hosts

Host Ruth is personally affected. She will give advice & now and again also offers a cooking course.

Gluten-free delights

At Drumlerhof people suffering from celiac disease can eat as they like from breakfast to dinner.

Intolerant – so what?

Regardless of the food allergy you suffer from, at Drumlerhof it will only be a distant memory.
We adapt culinary highlights to your needs.

Reading without gluten

Non-celiac people are welcome to read this too


These guests are amazed by our gluten-free cuisine…