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Hiking is our speciality

If you are lucky to live in a unique mountain world, you are already born with the love for hiking and nature. For this reason, at Drumlerhof we are true hiking professionals.

  • Excellent advice & service
  • Guided hiking & mountain tours
  • Natural wellness & pleasure
Since we were children, we have been used to hiking and climbing mountains. It's a foregone conclusion that at Drumlerhof we want to pass on this passion to our guests. Thanks to our experience and competence in this field, we are part of the Wanderhotels, located in the most beautiful places in the Alps. We fulfil the Wanderhotels criteria to 100%. We have equipment for rental, offer guided tours several times a week, and bring you to the starting points and pick you up from your hikes with our hiking shuttle. Those who prefer to hike without a car, can start directly from the hotel, which is located directly amidst a hiking paradise!