The licence to hike

Become a professional hiker

There is a course for the inexperienced in almost every sport to learn how to do it properly. At Drumlerhof, hiking beginners can now get the "licence to hike"!

  • One-day course with host Stefan Fauster
  • Tips for planning tours, equipment & meteorology
  • Hiking manual & hiking licence
You have heard how beautiful hiking is. But you never hiked through the mountains before. So you don't know what to consider, which equipment you need, and how to find out if the weather is suitable for a hike? But you know one thing for sure: You want to spend your holiday at Drumlerhof amidst the mountains in Valle Aurina. Good decision. We offer a one-day hiking course with host Stefan. He will provide valuable tips for planning tours, equipment and meteorology. You will also find out that hiking is not only something for the legs, but also for the head. Hiking also means perceiving and recognising the moment. Walking through nature with open eyes and ears and regaining new strength and zest for life. At the end of the course you will be a proud holder of the Licence to Hike, and you'll receive the guidebook "The small art of hiking", and you are ready for your first mountain hike.
By the way: all holders of the Licence to Hike will be entered into a prize draw from the Wanderhotels best alpine with great prizes. It's definitely worth participating!