Good to know

# 1: Welcome to the valley of three-thousand-metre peaks.

The Drumlerhof Hotel is located in the Aurina Valley, on the edge of a boundless world that rises over three thousand metres above sea level. The valley is not as well-known as Lake Braies, the Three Peaks or the Sciliar Massif, of course. Why? Because it doesn’t have an obvious point of reference: Instead, the valley has an astounding eighty peaks that soar over three thousand metres. Therefore, it’s a bit difficult to choose one landmark mountain to put on a postcard. What the Aurina Valley does offer, however, is a multitude of serene spots to discover, well-equipped ski resorts and hiking trails of rare beauty. We’re sure that you’ll find the Aurina Valley absolutely spectacular. And every day, we organise guided hikes that start off right here at the Drumlerhof. Ulma, our canine mascot, leads the group – and even manages to leave the marmots in peace.

# 2: Everything here is deeply rooted.

Some call us “radical” hoteliers. That’s actually fine with us, given that the Italian word radicale derives from the Latin word radix, or root. We at the Drumlerhof are rooted to South Tyrol in every way. Starting with food, which we insist be authentic and wholesome. That’s why we source products either locally or from fair-trade suppliers. We also source our materials locally: from the pine wood found in the spa and hotel rooms to the loden textiles that cover the armchairs in the reception area to the hand-sewn clothes worn by our staff. We firmly believe that South Tyrol’s craftsmanship and agriculture deserve our full support. So yes, it’s true: We are “radicals” when it comes to these matters.

# 3: Our restaurant. Gluten-free cuisine.

Our philosophy is evinced, first and foremost, in the dishes we cook. We source meat exclusively from strictly controlled and certified farms; vegetables and fruit, meanwhile, come either from our own garden, from those of farmers in the Aurina Valley or from sustainable companies in South Tyrol. Even most of the wines we serve are local, selected with meticulous care. For us, gluten-free cooking is not a fad but rather a necessity: For over twenty years, we have had someone here in our house who is intolerant – not in terms of character, but of certain foods. At the Drumlerhof, vegetarians and vegans aren’t limited to side dishes: We create fresh, imaginative dishes expressly for them. Cuisine which is also beloved by non-vegetarians. We don’t follow trends. We always seek to stay in step with the times, but strongly believe that quality and authenticity never go out of style.

# 4: We practice Economy of the Common Good principles.

We don’t focus our actions purely on profitability. We believe that certain new economic principles, based not upon intensive exploitation but upon balance between nature, man and animals, are fundamental. For this reason, our financial statements are prepared based on Economy of the Common Good principles and undergo an annual review process. For us, sustainability is not just a convenient catchword, but rather the will to change something in a concrete way. Together, we can achieve this goal. How do we reduce CO2 emissions, for example? We count and publish the number of guests that travel here by train, whom we pick up at Bruneck Train Station free of charge. Then we donate 10% of the value of those guests’ stay to a project in Uganda aimed at providing villages with safe drinking water. What time does your train arrive?

# 5: Everything you need for good night’s sleep.

We at the Drumlerhof attach great importance to using natural materials. We thus sourced wood for our rooms and apartments from the mountains of South Tyrol. Likewise, our loden textiles, velvet and furniture are all made by local craftsmen. And our beds are more than just beds: They are sleep systems designed to ensure that sleep can be defined as such. Sweet dreams!