In order to not forget what you eat.

Blue, red and yellow beets. A small, slightly lumpy potatoe. Sometimes, things that seem strange at first glance are better termed “rare”: like the vegetables from the nearby Feldhof Farm at Villa Ottone. Sabine grows her vegetables aided by five ducks, which hunt for snails. Sprays are absolutely taboo; as is conventional mass production. A Neutiroler rooster, an old breed of chicken that is nearly unheard of today, runs around freely in the farmyard. The Feldhof project requires a great deal of passion on Sabine’s part, as well as outside support. We at the Drumlerhof Hotel have been offering that support for five years now – and we really love it. We put in that same love when we cook her vegetables and eggs… when the hens give them to us. Sometimes, guests seem a bit perplexed: Why is the carrot white? Why does this tomato taste a bit like raspberry? Why isn’t it all shiny, like you see in the ads? Well, that which is rare and genuine does not always correspond to preconceived notions of “beauty.” We at the Drumlerhof think that’s a good thing. What about you?

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