Green, greener, Drumlerhof!

Our guests know: at Drumlerhof, we pull out all the stops to offer you a holiday as sustainable and ecological as possible. But it’s not just our guests who say so. The magazine Geo Saison confirms: Drumlerhof is number one when it comes to eco-friendliness. We are the most sustainable hotel in Europe. “This accolade makes us very, very happy! By showing that we are right on track, it motivates us to continue in our efforts,” Emma Fauster says proudly.

At Drumlerhof, things look green as soon as you arrive: a shuttle service from the railway station and free travel on public transport thanks to the HolidayPass tourist card – a good way to reduce emissions during your holiday. Additionally, we donate 5% of your holiday price to a project for clean water access in Uganda.

To keep our guests cosy and warm in winter, we heat our facilities using biomass, while the electricity comes from the Reinbach waterfalls. We also get assessed according to Common Good criteria and use resources as sparingly as possible. The ingredients we use in the kitchen – meat, herbs, fruit and vegetables – all come from local farmers, from our own Signaterhof farm in Ritten and from other reliable suppliers in South Tyrol. All our recipes are also available in a gluten-free version, which is good for guests with intolerances and for the environment as well. The waste that cannot be avoided is scrupulously separated and disposed of.

With this concept, our goal is to live sustainably and leave our earth in a fit state for our grandchildren. So, our guests can enjoy their holiday safe in the knowledge that they are spending it in Europe’s most sustainable hotel.