Good sleep breeds good dreams.

We really care about our guests’ sleep. We want them to sleep well, and deeply. As we set up our 37 rooms, we focused on the elements essential to giving our guests the best rest possible. We procured very high-quality beds, which you have to try out to believe. The fabrics we chose are all made of natural fibres. The wood is Swiss pine, well known to have a calming effect and a wonderful tree native to our forests. Some rooms also feature a fireplace, which we call the “Stone Age boulder.” The effect is soothing, warm and romantic. We’d actually love to remove the ultra-modern TV screens from all the rooms, but we know that not all guests would appreciate this. So we’ve wrapped the TVs in a loden sack, and put them on a trolley. If you want to, you can take it out and put it where you see fit. You're on vacation after all, aren't you?

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