Drumlerhof - a climaneutral business

We at Drumlerhof have long since stopped seeing climate-neutral business as a trend and see it as our obligation. The protection of our environment, which is what enables us to be a successful company, is very important to us. And our guests also want to show as much consideration for nature as possible during their holidays. 
Unfortunately a holiday cannot be 100% sustainable. Every day, we and our guests also cause emissions that are harmful to the environment. We have had our CO2 footprint calculated. Various factors were taken into account, such as the consumption of detergent in our laundry, the number and kilometres driven by our company vehicles, water and electricity consumption and the number of overnight stays. As a result we received 96 tons of CO2 emissions caused by us and our guests. For this reason, we have decided again this year to offset and shut down our CO2 emissions of 96 tons through CO2 emission rights from the climate protection project "Clean drinking water through filter systems, Uganda" of the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025. For this we have received the certificate for a climate-neutral overnight stay. The main goal of this climate protection programme is to supply poorer households and institutions such as schools in Uganda with new technologies to purify drinking water. The resulting reduced consumption of fossil fuels reduces CO2 emissions and at the same time has a positive effect on the living conditions and health of thousands of people. Just by being our guest, you too contribute to the climate protection programme and can go on holiday with a clear conscience. If you travel by train, we will give you the Holiday Pass as a gift. It grants you free use of all public transport in South Tyrol. And we also donate an additional 5% of the price of your stay to the climate protection project.